All pieces are created with ease of assembly and packing in mind, making it easy for you to take them with you on the journey.


The NAVY STREET COLLECTION is a collaboration by Philip Otto and Davide Berruto.


Phil Otto is a hands-on designer and big picture strategist.  

His approach to design is rooted in his studies in Cultural Anthropology at Stanford University and Fine Arts at the San Francisco Art Institute. Summer gigs in Seattle as lead singer in a Sub Pop band didn’t hurt either!

Phil’s interest in fashion, spaces and experience design coalesced with a first job at Comme des Garcons. He continued on at the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco and at the Headlands Center for the Arts where he worked on projects for Brian Eno, Oliver Sachs, Ann Hamilton, and David Ireland to name a few.

Phil’s engagement with brands began with Urban Outfitters. For that client he worked as a lead on strategy and design and was instrumental in the growth of the brand from 3 to over 200 retail locations internationally.  He had a key role in the birth of Anthropologie and played a central role in the development of Free People.  

Phil has enjoyed working with disruptive growth stage companies, indie streetwear & surf brands as well as large civic scale and eco-futurist projects.  He has worked on strategy and concepts for REI, Undefeated, Nike and Coca-Cola,  to name a few.

Phil, who likes to call himself a Blue Collar Futurist, lives in Topanga Canyon with his wife Trā, their son Fin and daughter Emily.


Davide is a creative entrepreneur with broad international experience in design, innovation, and sustainability across industries and cultures. 

He has over 20 years of experience building and financing early stage businesses, launching products and developing global strategic alliances.  He was an early advisor / investor in Pandora Media and has been a speaker at conferences on design, retail innovation, sustainability and impact investing all over the world.

Davide has industry knowledge and direct experience in technology, retail, fashion, furniture, design and hospitality development.

 Davide was a Co-Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Environment Furniture where he brought innovation and sustainability to the furniture industry.

 In 2011, he launched the Shelter Half brand as a laboratory to experiment with retail design and create venues for commerce based on collaboration and free creative expression as well as "shelters" where innovative people came together to discuss and further new ideas about culture, design, fashion, art, food, music, etc.

 Davide hails from Italy, where he grew up in a family of fashion disrupters, new-wave bar/restaurant owners. He was fully immersed in the fashion & retail industry from a very early age. 

He was most likely the youngest patron of Les Bain Douche in Paris. As a child he was brought into the showrooms, ateliers and stores of the most iconic Italian, Japanese and English fashion and design brands of the last three decades.  


All product photography courtesy Jesse Gillan